Spend quality time with your partner

10 02 2009

“Every relationship needs quality time for the bond to remain close and to strengthen over time. Without quality time together a couple will gradually become distant and somewhat alienated from each other.” –Darren G. Burton, “How To Keep Your Man: And Keep Him For Good”

Spending quality time with your partner is as important as keeping your diet balance. You keep your diet to keep you fit and healthy, same thing should be in a relationship. To keep your relationship healthy, you should keep the communication with your partner and at least once or twice a week to spend times alone together. But how can you do it when you have kids to look at to? And your spouse gets home at night from work, tired. Is it still possible for you and your partner to spend times together?

There are ways which have been tried and practical in a way that you don’t have to give super effort to achieve it.

Make your weekends exclusively for family

It is simply no work on weekends. Make a deal that no one will bring work at home during weekends. Weekends is suppose to be the day for relaxation and days to cope with family. You can save Saturdays as your fixed date with your partner: go out and have fun just like what you used to when you were dating before. And on Sundays is for your family. A simple picnic will do, or share popcorn or pizza while watching a movie at home, or if you have budget, going to the mall is what children would really love.

Drive to/from work together whenever you can

If both of you are working, and you have the same destinations, driving together is a good chance to talk and catch up to each other. Listening to music can start up a good talk. And try not to talk about work as long as you can.

Plan and cook meal together

You can add some spice to your relationship while cooking together. Plan to cook something that both you haven’t tried before, or try to experiment and name it after your names or your kid’s name.

It doesn’t matter how long you spend time with each other, as long as you enjoy those times that you’re together. You cannot expect your partner to give his/her full attention to you. Because beside from work, there are things a person wants to do it only by him/herself. Spending times together is important in a relationship, but doings things separately sometimes, may help your relationship grow stronger.




7 responses

10 02 2009

great tips! hey check my blog. I’m new 😉


19 02 2009

This is what I am trying my best to do, but some times it need more effort to spend more time with my partner!

19 02 2009
kate spencer

Hello Hisham,
Yes, spending quality with your partner really needs effort and more effort to do it. Though it doesn’t have to be everyday.. once or twice a week is enough (but make sure nothing will disturb your moment), than nothing. It’s understandable in your situation that you’re working, earning for your future.

Thanks for dropping by. 😀

5 03 2009

Great tip. Don’t forget QUANTITY time also!. Five minutes of quality time is good, but and hour of quality time is better.

6 03 2009
kate spencer

Thanks Rick,
Absolutely, if you can spend more quality time with your partner, the better. 😀

8 03 2009

Making your quality time Fun also will make you both always look for time to share together no matter how busy you both are.for example going back to the old days and doing what you both loved doing was it throwing some hubs or as simple as what you both had in common when you started dating.This will help bring back some memories that will only go a long way to rekindle the relationship.

Great post kate i love it.

9 03 2009
kate spencer

Hi Winst,
Thanks for dropping by.. 🙂
You’re right, if you’re with your partner, your activity to share together should be fun and enjoyable for both of you.

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