How to start your day..

28 02 2009

when you’re going to start again?
from waking up in the morning
thinking of the past, of yesterday
of the bad memories, of good ones
then thinking of today…
what can you expect for today?
or is there anything to expect?
maybe just leave it like whatever happens, happens
better be on the safe side
than to expect and get hurt in the end
why does it have to be complicated
when it can be done nice and simple?
don’t know, maybe just thinking too much
when there’s nothing to think about
now, back to the question..
how to start your day?
still a question.




2 responses

12 03 2009

I never let the past effect me in a negative way! even don’t have time for that.. I advice everyone to so the same, but never forget about the past.. I believe that a person with out past… is a persona with out feature!

I set a plan .. a long one.. from 2 to 5 years.. that’s why I never think about the past because I know that thinking about past slowing my steps!

Good luck!

13 03 2009
kate spencer

Thanks Hisham, maybe I was just so sad that time.. but yes, like you said, if we will let the past control our emotions, we will not be able to face the future. And because no matter what happen, the time will always move forward, and we’ll be left behind if we let our emotions eat us.
Setting up a plan is a very good move, at least there’s something that we will look forward to.

Thank you again Hisham for dropping by. 🙂

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