Is My Marriage Worth A Second Chance?

29 05 2009

Actually, the real question for the real world is..  Do I want my marriage to give a second chance?

That means a lot I know.  But that is true though.  Not all married couples who are going through this rough patch, know if they still want their marriage to be saved.

But come to think of it, why did you married that person in the first place?  You’ve been hearing this, reading this, but it is true..  you gave your vows, you agreed to tie yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives, and enjoyed your honeymoon..  but now that your marriage is drowning.. bit by bit.. you will let go? and leave your partner there?  That is very immature and unprofessional.

Remember the days you were happy together, where you usually spend most of your times together, and where and when you made all your firsts.  Those things are enough for you to say that “my marriage is worth a second chance!”.

There is no perfect in this world.. we all agree to that, but you cannot use that reason to escape from your responsibilities, and pretend like nothing happened.  Try to solve the problem first before getting into the conclusion.  There are a lot of ways you can do to save your marriage.  Rekindling your relationship; set-up dates, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you can afford.. much more appreciated.  When you have kids, you could hire a baby sitter only to that specific date, if you cannot afford to hire a baby sitter..  take your baby with you and walk to the park.  Say your I Love Yous to your partner, show your love for him/her in your most romantic way.

Infidelity in marriage, one of the top reasons why people are having second thoughts about saving their marriages.  Although it is really not easy to face this kind of marriage crisis, if your partner who cheated on you already said their sincere apologies and promised not to do that again, giving them second chance is also one of your responsibility as it is included in your vow.

Every marriage is worth a second chance.


CopyCat Blogger

17 04 2009

Last April 13, 2009, I posted my latest blog entry “How do you survive a long distance relationship”.  And last April 16, 2009, I caught this blogger who copied my blog entry word by word!  I would appreciate it if she just copied some lines, but the whole article?  So I posted a comment on “her” blog post, and I told her everything she needs to know.

I visited her blog again to see if she deleted it or put a link towards my blog, and edit the date (cause she pretended that she posted it on March 18, 2009).  I know that anyone can change the date settings of their own blogs.  Now she want it to come out like I copied her?  And yes, she edited “her”, she changed the title and same content.  And she closed the comment part.. so she read my comment and was guilty about it.  I don’t know how to contact her anymore, so I decided to blow everything here.. and I wish she visit again.

Anyway, here’s “her” blog post.. her blog was just 2-3 days old (based on her 2 other blog posts.. and I don’t know if those are her originals):

I will survive!!!

How do i survive a long distance relationship ? Many says it’s impossible.  There are others who says it’s possible, but it’s very difficult to handle.  A lot of sacrifices are needed to make it work, and you should double or triple your trust to your partner.  They say, the longer times you’re not together, the weaker your relationship gets.  And the longer times you have not seen each other, the lesser interest or lesser attraction you’ll feel towards your long distance partner.  So the end point is, separation (a permanent separation of a temporarily separated relationship).  It’s sad, but most long distance relationships, ends like that.

But what did they do, what have they done to their relationships to make it work that they’re now together and living happily with their partners?  What sacrifices did they do to achieve what they have now?

The answers are in your own relationship.  See how much you can give.  How much you can sacrifice for it, and how strong your feelings are for each other.  If you can trust your partner more than you trust him/her before. If you hear anything about anyone who’s linking to your partner, never confront him/her without concrete evidences.  Remember, trust is what you can only hang on to, and you will not enter into this kind of relationship if you don’t trust this person.  If you love each other enough, and if you respect each other deeply, and if you both understand each others’ situation, it’s not impossible to get through long distance relationship.  Anyway, you’re not always away from each other.

Communication is very important in every relationship.  If your communication to each other is not fading, or if you have constant time for each other.  Maybe, you can get through it too, and if you believe that you will be together too soon.  No matter how soon that is, what’ s important is, you agreed to each other that you’ll be strong for your relationship, and that the time will come that you’ll be together again.

Sacrifices are also necessary in a long distance relationship.  If you’re willing to give up some important things or persons or job for your partner, to be able to get near him/her, do it.  Because in life, you cannot have it all, you have to choose what you think will make you happier.  Between career and love, but you don’t have to choose between your relationship and your family and friends.. because you can still see them once in a while and be with your partner away from them.  What more can you ask for if you’re with someone you’ve been longing to be with?

Long distance relationship only works to couples who have deep love, trust, understanding and respect to their partners.  But a relationship who possesses those traits, but do not have enough patience at all, will not survive it.  Patience is a virtue.. always. I trust, respect & love you ‘tart ( jay ) with all my heart & soul!!!!

I miss you so much!!!!!!!

See, she at least added a sentence in the end and dedicated to her tart jay.. ridiculous!

The good thing is, wordpress has Blog Stats so we bloggers in wordpress could monitor visitors on our blogs.. that’s where I caught her.  And to prove that she visited my blog, I copied (print screen) that page to show her that I got evidence.. and she cannot just copy everything she see in the web.

blog stats- as of April 16, 09

blog stats- as of April 16, 09

I honestly don’t want to do this, but I asked her in a nice way.. and she still did it, and even made it worse.  Feels like she’s testing me.  I don’t know what replies am I going to get by doing this.. but I have to do something.. and it’s all I can think of.

How to start your day..

28 02 2009

when you’re going to start again?
from waking up in the morning
thinking of the past, of yesterday
of the bad memories, of good ones
then thinking of today…
what can you expect for today?
or is there anything to expect?
maybe just leave it like whatever happens, happens
better be on the safe side
than to expect and get hurt in the end
why does it have to be complicated
when it can be done nice and simple?
don’t know, maybe just thinking too much
when there’s nothing to think about
now, back to the question..
how to start your day?
still a question.