A New Beginning

3 04 2009

Why A New Beginning?
Because it means a better life, positivity, a better future.  It also means a new life ahead of you, or a new start with your partner.  Starting for new chapters of your relationship, for the better.  Changing all that has to be changed.. improving everything that has to be improved.  And making your and others’ past experiences as your guide and your motivations to move on and to improve your relationship with your partner.  But how are you going to start a new?  Where do you start?

A New Beginning Marriage Workshop is not like counseling or therapy.  It is an educational experience unlike anything else you may have ever tried or encountered before.  Although all of the Leaders of A New Beginning are counselors or therapists with advanced training in marriage and family issues, the workshop is not about analysis.  It’s about empowering you with knowledge, insight and skills.

What if your spouse don’t trust or is having a hard time trusting a third party to get in between your personal matters?  And it will end up like you’re the only to attend.. well that doesn’t matter, because you’re not the only one to attend the workshop without your spouse with you.  It had been the case for most who had experienced and attended it.. and they left the workshop with the information necessary to understand where their marriage went wrong, tools to evaluate the behavior and expectations as spouse, and skills to develop a strong marital relationship.  And what happens next, is up to them.. to you.  The decision to whether to save your marriage or not, is up to you.

Couples who attend the workshop are there for many different reasons, they come from different ages, and are all willing to learn skills that can help them save their marriages.  Even couples who had divorced, were reunited and fallen back in love with each other after attending A New Beginning.

It is never too late to save your marriage.  Do it for yourself and for your relationship with your partner especially, and for your children if you have one.

*To register, visit Workshop Pre-Registration and fill out the information needed to begin the registration process.


How to start your day..

28 02 2009

when you’re going to start again?
from waking up in the morning
thinking of the past, of yesterday
of the bad memories, of good ones
then thinking of today…
what can you expect for today?
or is there anything to expect?
maybe just leave it like whatever happens, happens
better be on the safe side
than to expect and get hurt in the end
why does it have to be complicated
when it can be done nice and simple?
don’t know, maybe just thinking too much
when there’s nothing to think about
now, back to the question..
how to start your day?
still a question.

Your first heartbreak

9 01 2009

I came out with the idea of making my first post when I visited this relationship forum site. There was a thread who started by a girl asking “who first broke your heart?”. The replies were not that many but are just enough for me to have an idea on how bad a first heartbreak is.

There is this one guy whom her girlfriend left him for about eight months ago, and he’s still having a hard time to move on and enjoy life. At least he found that forum to meet new friends and have had a nice chat with them, and that he really helps.

Another poster said that she was eleven when she had her first heartbreak. She really likes this guy or boy at that moment. He hid her school bag at the bus stop, then she just found out that this boy just kissed another girl after school. That’s really a heartbreak for a young girl.

First heartbreaks may leave a deep cut on one’s heart.  Sometimes it makes people not to love again, because they’re afraid that it might happen again. Another heartbreak, another wound to heal, another moving on that usually happens for a long time.

But we should not stop loving, for this makes the world go round. Love is the best gift God gave to us and continually giving. Everyone has had they’re heartbreaks, but if there’s some who haven’t experienced it, you’re so lucky. Notice this, if you had had your heart broken, it will take time before you enter another commitment because you’re choosing the better person for you well. And you don’t to end up to another relationship that will just end to another heartbreak.

Experiences make us grow stronger and intelligent on dealing with love. And one day we’ll just realized that we’re laughing at it and remembers how innocent we were before.

*If you want to know what forum am I talking about, here’s the link click!